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Common Situations Leading to Fogged Up Goggles and Glasses

Have you ever stepped out of your car and your glasses instantly fogged up that you could not see? Or perhaps you walk inside a store and your lenses fogged up to the point where you have to take them off and wipe them to see?

Fogged lenses are more hazardous than we may realize. The majority of eyeglass wearers are familiar with this nuisance on a daily basis. At a point it can become irritating when condensation instantly takes over your vision doing the most common everyday task:

  • Sipping a cup of coffee
  • Cooking on a hot stove
  • Stepping in or out of your car
  • Working out
  • Taking a warm bath

Athletes are also routinely faced with the problems of fogged lenses. Can you imagine an athlete missing a shot, touchdown, or goal because of poor vision caused by fogged protective lenses?

Even those who work in construction or industrial environments are generally required to wear safety goggles on the job and can experience fogged up eyewear. Safety eyewear usually presents a problem because these frame styles generally form an enclosed area in front of the wearer’s face in order to protect them from chemical sprays or debris. When there is limited airflow, lenses tend to fog up and this can create a serious hazardous situation for the wearer as well as his or her coworkers.

All of the above mentioned situations are no doubt irritating but can also pose a real threat to safety. Luckily, there is an effective solution to help eyeglass wearers stay fog-free.

How to Avoid the Fog

It is not an easy task for any eyeglass wearer to avoid the situations mentioned above, but we want eyeglass wearers to go about their daily activities fog-free. Our fellow spectacle wearing friends can still perform these daily tasks without the annoyance and the potential hazards due to fogged up lenses. Check out some of these tips:

  • Try using reuable anti fog wipes like M2P Reusable Anti-Fog Dry Wipes- Thick cloth material for excellent durability. Safe and effective on practically all lens types and coatings, including anti-reflective coated lenses. Each application lasts for many hours and it goes on clear without any haze.
  • Select the right pair of eyeglass frames. When choosing frames, pick a style that allows for more air circulation (such as air vents) if possible. Frames that do not sit too close to your face will also help. Limited airflow make your lenses more prone to fogging.
  • Wear a headband while you work out or play a sport. Headbands can assist in soaking up any sweat that forms on your face and help reduce the condensation that can build up on your glasses.

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