How to Clean Ski Goggles

How to Clean Ski Goggles

Posted by Goggles N More on 3rd Jan 2020

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Ski goggles are essential on the mountain for optimizing visibility.  Ski goggles protect the eyes from precipitation, wind, and sunlight. They can also help at keeping the face warm. However, ski goggles won't function as effectively when it comes to improving visibility if they are not periodically cleaned. You need to know how to properly clean your ski goggles to keep them in the best possible condition over time and maximize goggle lifespan.

Ski Goggle Cleaning Mistakes

Unfortunately, skiers sometimes clean their ski goggles incorrectly and end up doing more harm than good. It's important to remember that prevention is always better than a cure when it comes to ski goggle cleaning. Keep your ski goggles as clean as possible while you're on the slopes to minimize the need for cleanings. Avoid placing ski goggles up on the top of your head between runs because this can increase the chances that residue like oil from the skin will accumulate on the inside lens of your ski goggles.

The most important mistake to avoid when you clean your ski goggles is using a cleaning solution or fabric that is too hard on your goggle lens surface and ends up causing scratches or other damage.

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The following are three basic steps to cleaning your ski goggles:

Ski Goggle Cleaning Materials

The most important material you need to clean ski goggles is a microfiber cloth. You need a cloth that is gentle and won't scratch the ski goggle surface. You should never use paper towels, washcloths or other fabrics with relatively rough surfaces to clean your goggles.

If you are going to use a cleaning solution, make sure you use a lens cleaner specifically designed for ski goggles. You should avoid using a cleaning solution if it's not necessary. Use a cleaning solution if there is residue and/or watermarks on your goggles that won't come off when you wipe with a cloth alone.

Wipe off the Outer Lens of the Ski Goggles Once Dry

It's generally recommended that only the outside lens of the ski goggles are wiped off during cleanings. Ski goggles typically have an anti-fog coating applied to the interior lens. You don't want to damage this coating by wiping the inside of the lens. You should only wipe the inside lens if it's absolutely necessary to do so in order to restore visibility.

You should never wipe your ski goggle lens when it's wet. Wiping the lens when it's wet can cause streaks to develop or wear away any protective coating on the lens.

Ski Goggle Cleaning Solution

If you're using a cleaning solution to clean away stubborn watermarks or debris that can't be removed by wiping the ski goggles with the cloth, spray the cleaning solution on the outside lens. Then, wipe the ski goggles with your soft cloth.

When you're selecting your ski goggle cleaning solution, you might want to look out for a cleaning solution that includes an anti-fog protector among the ingredients. As a skier, you should know how big a problem  fogged up goggle lenses are. Anti-fog protectors can drastically reduce fogging when they are applied during cleanings.

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