Is It Good to Wear Goggles While Swimming?

Is It Good to Wear Goggles While Swimming?

Posted by Goggles N More on 18th Mar 2022

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You do not have to wear swim goggles in the water, but there are many benefits of doing so.

Swim Goggles Offer More Comfort in the Water

When you wear swim goggles, you will be a lot more comfortable in the water when you open your eyes. When you feel comfortable, you will also feel safer and could be motivated to stay in the water longer. The enhanced visibility you get from goggles will make it easier to move underwater, which is helpful if you use swimming as a form of exercise.

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Swim Goggles Protect Your Eyes

Chemicals are used in swimming pools to keep the water clean, clear, and sanitary. Chlorine is the most commonly used one and can irritate the eyes. One common reaction to chlorine is itchy and red eyes. Wearing swim goggles can be the best way to protect the eyes from all the chemicals in the swimming pool. Even small amounts of chemicals can cause eye irritation. The reason why pool water causes some irritation is due to pH levels. When the pH is too high, the chlorine can’t properly disinfect and keep the water and pool clean. If it’s too low, then the pipes around and in the pool corrode. If the pH level is perfect, it prevents eye discomfort and keeps the pool disinfected. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find the perfect pH and control it in large pools. Likely, the chemicals aren’t where they should be, and you will get irritation and redness if you don’t properly protect your eyes.

Your eyes will be protected from the chemicals in the water, but they’re also protected from algae and bacteria found in freshwater that can cause blurred vision and eye infection. If you are swimming in the ocean, swim goggles can provide some protection against saltwater. You can find swim goggles with UV protection for swimming outside to keep your eyes safe from harmful rays.

Swim Goggles Allow For Better Swimming Performance

Wearing swim goggles can be a way to help improve your performance and be a better swimmer. When you can see clearly underwater, you can safely increase your swimming speed, improve your swimming skills, and push your limits in the water.

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Swim Goggles Allow for Better Clarity in the Water

With swim goggles on, it’s easy to see exactly what you are doing, which helps make you more confident when doing exercises underwater. You will also be less likely to run into something in the water, preventing you from getting injured. Having better clarity in the water is also helpful for those learning how to swim in order to see their surroundings.

Why Swim Without Swim Goggles?

Even though there are a number of benefits of swim goggles, it’s important that children are comfortable swimming without goggles, so they don’t panic if something unexpected happens. It’s necessary for children to know they can swim without wearing swim goggles so that if they are pushed into a pool or accidentally fall in, they can make it out. Even in a competitive setting, it’s still important for children not to be overly dependent on goggles if swim goggles slip down while in the water.

Why Wear Prescription Swim Goggles?

Many Americans wear a form of corrective lenses, and this can make seeing underwater more challenging. It’s hard to wear your glasses in the pool without them falling off, and it’s not advised to wear contacts in the pool since they can be damaged by the chemicals. Prescription swim goggles are the perfect solution. You are able to find made to prescription swim goggles with lenses that are made specifically for your vision needs. In the case of competitive swimming, having these prescription swim goggles can improve your distance and depth perception, which will give you a better turn and can go a long way toward improving your lap times. You can see better so that you can better judge your line. Even if swimming for recreational purposes, prescription swim goggles allow you better clarity, making swimming a better experience overall.

When searching for swim goggles and prescription swim goggles, the important thing is to find a pair that fits properly and is adjustable to fit your face and head comfortably. The fit of the swim goggles you chose should be snug and sit nicely around the head, but they also need to be tight enough to stay on while swimming so you can enjoy the benefits. If the swim goggles give you a headache or create deep rings around the eyes, then they are fitted too tight or are too small. 

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