Lake Eye Protection

Lake Eye Protection

Posted by Goggles N More on 28th Mar 2019

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Sometimes there's nothing more relaxing than a summertime swim in the local lake. There's just something about swimming in a natural body of water that pool swimming isn't able to replicate. Plus, there's so much more interesting things to see underwater in a lake or river than in the pool. However, if there's one downside to lake swimming, it's that you don't know what's in the water. You're more likely to suffer an eye infection from lake swimming than a pool because at least in a pool you control the chlorine and the level of bacteria within the water. Whether you have sensitive eyes, wear glasses, or just want to avoid any kind of eye infection at the lake, it's important for you to take extra precautions and protect your eyes the next time you head out to the lake.

Lake Eye Protection

Made-To-Prescription Swimming Goggles

Most of the time, there isn't all that much to see when you're swimming. When swimming lanes at the local pool you may be able to get away with regular swimming goggles (as long as you don't need a heavy prescription). However, lake swimming is completely different. You never truly know what's in the water around you. From logs to boats and docks. You need to be able to see where you're going and what's around you. That's why investing in made-to-prescription swimming goggles is such a valuable investment.

With the made-to-prescription goggles service, Goggles 'N More will take your prescription and construct swimming goggles specifically for you. This will keep you seeing perfectly whether you're sitting on the boat or swimming under the water. It's also great when you don't want to switch between goggles and glasses constantly (or if you don't want to take your prescription glasses down to the dock in the first place). So whether you’re farsighted, nearsighted, or need astigmatism or prism corrections, all of this can be handled specifically for your unique vision needs.

Varying Frame Features

Your needs as a lake swimmer will differ from the next person. This is because not only are your eyes different but where you swim on the lake (even if it's the same lake) is different as well. You may want to invest in tinted lenses, which is great for those early mornings or late afternoon swims and the sun is reflecting harshly off the water. Swimmer and boat accidents are more common during these times of the day because swimmers are not able to see the boats due to harsh light on the water. The tinted lenses help with this.

If you have found other swimming goggles are not able to fit you properly you should consider an adjustable frame design. At Google 'N More you'll find different sized nose bridges. While you can always adjust the fit of the goggles around your head, most goggles do not come with an adjustable nose bridge. Because after all, eyes come in all different shapes and sizes, so your eyes might be larger and further apart or smaller and closer together than someone else with the same head size. These adjustable nose bridges ensure you have the highest quality fit possible.

Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles

Is there anything worse than constantly having to take off your goggles and rub out the fog because you can no longer see? This happens when the temperature of your skin is substantially different from that of the water, causing the lens to fog up closer to your warmer skin. This takes away your level of enjoyment when swimming with goggles. Thankfully, you can invest in reusable anti-fog wipes for your swimming goggles. With these, you're still able to swim wherever you want in the lake while maintaining visibility. The special application applied to the lenses prevents the development of fog within the made-to-prescription swim goggles.

Whether you're an avid swimmer and love to spend your summer mornings swimming in the water before the mass of boats are out, you like to dive to the bottom from a boat to collect stones, or you just like having the freedom to play in the water as you see fit, you need to protect your eyes whenever visiting the lake. One of the best ways to do this is with protective eyewear. From prescription lenses to goggles made specifically to protect against whatever else might be in the water, before you head out to the lake this summer make sure to check out the wide selection of goggles available at Goggles N More.

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