Pick the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

Pick the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

Posted by Goggles N More on 2nd Aug 2022

Many people do not realize that a perk of wearing prescription glasses (aside from improved vision, of course) is the fashion statement they can make. If you take the time to find the perfect frames to match your face shape you will discover your prescription glasses are the perfect fashion accessory.

Each person has a unique face shape. The categories that fashion designers, plastic surgeons, and makeup artists typically use are oval, triangle, diamond, square, heart, and circle. Although it is unlikely any human face is perfectly in this shape, finding out which shape most closely matches you can help you pick the best frames and make-up styles to accentuate your best feature.

Tips to Match Prescription Glasses To Your Face Shape:

  • Oval - An oval face appears slightly longer than a circular face with features that are all proportionate. This face shape may have the most flexibility for frame options that are super flattering. Circles will complement, and square shapes will contradict but either way, you will look amazing.
  • Square - A square face is generally the same proportionate size from forehead to jaw line with harder angles than a circular face. Round or oval frames complement a square-shaped face well. You can get away with smaller frames on a square face as well.
  • Heart - A heart-shaped face is much like a diamond-shaped face but less angular and the hairline or forehead often gives the attractive subtle heart shape. If you have a heart-shaped face you are among the lucky few that can really rock the cat eyeglasses. Many people with heart-shaped faces are recommended glasses that are slightly larger at the top and taper down. This complements the natural shape of your face, subtly.
  • Circle - A circular face features cheeks that are proportionate to the forehead and jaw. Hard lines flatter a round face because of the contradiction. Square or rectangular frames and even winged edges flatter a round face.
  • Triangle - A triangle-shaped face is smaller on the top and tapers down into a full jawline. Larger frames to balance the top and bottom frame a triangle-shaped face perfectly. The frames can taper down slightly like an upside-down triangle for maximum effect.
  • Diamond - A diamond face shape is a mix between oval shape and square features. This means you can get away with a ton of flexibility from either the oval or square recommendations.

Match Face Shape to Frame Style

While these tips will elevate your style there are no hard and fast rules in fashion. If you love a certain type of frame go for it even if it is not listed as the best for your face shape because wearing what you love and having confidence in your choice is going to look amazing on you.

Beyond matching your frames to your face shape you have many options to match the style to your personality. If you find out you need to wear prescription glasses to improve your vision, you will be pleased to discover all the best brands and fashion trends can frame those prescription lenses. Beyond shape, you can choose color and design. There are even clear lens frames available.

Googles N More offers quality prescription glasses. Browse our selection to find the frames that fit your personality and flatter your face shape. If you need prescription sunglasses you have many options for fashion and function there as well. Visit our site and upgrade your style.

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