Poor Vision Can Ruin Vacation Plans

Poor Vision Can Ruin Vacation Plans

Posted by Goggles N More on 9th Sep 2022

Gone are the days you were planning on going on vacation, and your vision was interfering with your plans. Technology and innovations in the eye industry have significantly improved over the years. With vision correction, you’ll never miss an exciting moment on the family trip. Also, sometimes all you need to enjoy your vacation is good vision. Luckily, there's a such thing as prescription snorkel inserts made specifically for snorkeling goggles. In addition to convenient inserts, Goggles N More offers prescription swim goggles that can be customized to your specific RX from your eye doctor!

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Miss Out on Vacay Fun with Poor Vision

Most of the time, people with poor vision are afraid to travel far from home. Often, they stick to their routine. It is hard for someone with poor eyesight to take a random vacation. You always need to plan ahead.

Poor vision limits certain activities when on vacation. For example, poor vision can be limiting if you love water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or skiing. Doing these activities means getting water in your eyes often and can lead to accidents or worse if you don't have the right gear.

Poor vision is also a limitation when it comes to planning for a skiing or snowboarding vacation. Skiing and snowboarding are sports that need clear vision as the snow can blur your eyes. As if having a poor vision is not enough, you have to ask for special goggles that might cost more if you want to go skiing. Such cases make a person uncomfortable and feel out of place.

Going out of budget when on vacation, especially if you had gone on a budget, is another way for poor vision to ruin your vacation. For you to enjoy water activities such as snorkeling with your squad or family, you have to invest in special goggles so they can adjust your vision. Such gadgets could end up taking you out of budget.

All these are just a few hindrances when on vacation, as they can be efficiently fixed by investing in long-term vision gears convenient for every holiday you take.

Prescription Snorkel Inserts

Prescription Snorkel Inserts & Swim Goggles

Say goodbye to vacation hindrances. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, they've come up with an easy solution to blurry eyesight: Prescription snorkel inserts. You don't have to think twice next time about going skiing or to the beach for some water sports. They've changed the game for people with impaired vision and a passion for outdoor activities. Below is how easy it is to work around these goggles.

There are two types of prescription lenses for inserts, single and progressive. Available for a range of age groups, from children to adults. Single-vision lenses are for visual purposes only, while progressive lenses cater to reading, checking your phone, and vision, to mention a few.

You can convert your goggles to prescription goggles by just putting the prescription snorkel insert inside your standard goggles. It is the best way, and you can do this with your skiing or snorkeling goggles. There are certain online retailers who happen to carry a universal prescription snorkel insert. Usually there's also the option to get it made with your custom RX, which means they are designed to your specific vision needs.

On the other hand, consider making a small investment into a customized pair of prescription swim goggles for both adults and youth.

Prescription Swim Goggles

Benefits of Prescription Snorkel Inserts

  • Prescription snorkel inserts are easy to place inside your favorite goggles. 
  • They're easy fitting, and they also makes it convertible for switching between various sports goggles.
  • Glasses weren't designed to be worn inside goggles. They can make you uncomfortable, or in the worst-case scenario, they get damaged. Prescription snorkel inserts help to avoid such cases.
  • They're are durable. Fitted with a shatter-resistant material, they'll stay in place as well as not break easily.
  • They're enhanced vision and clarity. Prescription snorkel inserts have a larger surface area than regular prescription glasses, which means a broad peripheral view. Also, clarity improves since they're more fitted compared to wearing your glasses.
  • Goggles N More's prescription snorkel inserts are more affordable than other distributors with a low price point.
  • They feature an anti-fog coating that prevents fog from getting into your goggles, especially when skiing or snowboarding.
  • They're also compatible with any brand of goggles, which means that any brand of goggles you like using, prescription snorkel inserts can easily fit into them.

A peek into the goggle inserts above has given you every reason to book that vacation today. You don't have an excuse for missing out on vacation. At Goggles N More, we can provide you with the best quality prescription snorkel inserts or prescription swim goggles with your own custom RX!

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