Prescription Swim Goggles For Kids

Prescription Swim Goggles For Kids

Posted by Goggles N More on 3rd Jun 2022

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There is no secret that swimming in a pool or the ocean can cause dry, itchy eyes. In addition, prescription swim goggles can help kids with less-than-perfect vision enjoy water activities even more. Please note that we do sell  non-RX swim goggles for other members of your family that don’t require vision help. Prescription swim goggles help kids see more clearly, which can help ensure they don’t run into objects or other people in the pool or water they’re swimming in.

We offer a large variety of protective eyewear, including prescription swim goggles, prescription sports goggles, sunglasses, and more. Our prescription swim goggles are available for children ages two and above, including teens and adult sizes.

Why Buy Prescription Swim Goggles For Your Kids

Perhaps the biggest complaint kids and adults have is that pool water irritates their eyes. Harsh chemicals are used to keep this water clean, leading to irritation. However, protective eyewear like swim goggles can help protect your toddler or child while they’re having fun in the water. Buying prescription swim goggles for kids who require an RX also means that they are more confident in the water, which is especially important when they’re learning to swim.

Choosing the Perfect Prescription Swim Goggles

It may be intimidating to consider what prescription swim goggles to buy your children. However, here are some tips for  selecting the right size prescription swim goggles for kids. Ultimately, the type you choose will depend on where you’re swimming and if you’re swimming for sport or casually.

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Here are some essential things to consider when finding the perfect pair for your child.

Where You’re Swimming

If you’re swimming indoors, light-colored or clear lenses are fine. Yellow-colored lenses are best to get the best visibility in the water. Darker glasses are best for casual swimming or outdoor swimming.


Your child’s pupillary distance helps us guide you on the proper size goggles for them and their age.


The best-fitting prescription swim goggles are snug and sit around the head comfortably without leaving indentations under or around the eyes.


Our swim goggles come in various styles and colors to suit the taste of every child, whether sugar skulls, animal print, or the American flag.

[6-10 yrs] Kids Prescription Swim Goggles S7 (Custom Made to Prescription) - Pink

Ordering Prescription Swim Goggles

Our made-to-prescription swim goggles are for those with both near or farsightedness, prism correction, and astigmatism. All goggles come with UV400-rated lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection. Not only are your eyes protected at all times, but you can see clearly, too.

Please note that your child’s prescription swim goggles should be replaced about every six months on average, whether or not they have a prescription pair. The lenses do get scratched over time, which will make them more and more challenging to see through.

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When you’re looking for custom swim goggles for kids, Goggles n More can help. We sell a large variety of kids' prescription swim goggles and swim goggles for adults. You never have to worry when you choose a pair as we offer a 100% guarantee, which means that if you’re not satisfied, we will refund you so you can find a better pair. 

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