Ski Goggles With Prescription Goggle Inserts For Paintball

Ski Goggles With Prescription Goggle Inserts For Paintball

Posted by Goggles N More on 17th Jul 2020

Paintball is an action-packed and enjoyable sport. However, you need to protect your eyes while playing paintball to avoid injury. You can protect your eyes with the right pair of ski goggles. If you use prescription lenses to see properly, you face an added challenge. Sharp vision is key to feeling confident and succeeding in a sport like paintball. One of the best options for prescription eye protection for paintball is wearing protective eyewear, such as Snowledge Hawa ski goggles, that are equipped with prescription goggle inserts.

Prescription Inserts Fit Your Ski Goggles

Prescription inserts are a lens that you slip into ski goggles. This lens has been built to offer prescription correction. It is designed to fit into your goggles snuggly so it won't move around. You know that playing paintball involves a lot of activity and constant movement. You don't want your lens to move around or come out of place while you're playing paintball. That's why prescription inserts are custom designed to fit a particular pair of ski goggles properly. You can rest assured that your lens and goggles will stay in place so that you'll enjoy sharp, unobstructed vision.

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Prescription Goggle Inserts are Affordable

Prescription goggle inserts offer some obvious advantages over other methods of dealing with vision issues while playing paintball. For one thing, prescription inserts are a less expensive alternative to getting custom prescription goggles made. Custom prescription goggles tend to be very costly. But custom lenses are a simple way to convert a regular pair of ski goggles into a pair of prescription goggles. Also, prescription inserts offer the advantage of making numerous pairs of paintball goggles into prescription lenses. If you have different goggles you wear for different paintball conditions, you may be able to enhance them all by switching your prescription inserts between them. You can also possibly use your inserts on a new pair of goggles if your old ones have worn out.

Prescription Goggle Inserts for Paintball

Prescription goggle inserts are also better than trying to wear ski goggles over glasses. You're likely to deal with problems as your glasses come out of place while you're moving around during paintball matches. Your prescription glasses aren't custom-designed to fit into your ski goggles properly. Because of this, they're not likely to stay in place. They're going to cause you cumbersome problems as you play paintball. It's also important to note that there is a difference of curvature between eyeglasses and ski goggles. Therefore, your vision is slightly warped when you wear eyeglasses beneath ski goggles. All these issues detract from the quality of your vision and therefore will probably detract from your performance and enjoyment of paintball.

If you wear contact lenses, you might think that it will work well to simply put your contacts in and wear your goggles over them. However, this might also create issues for you. When playing paintball, you're likely to experience sweating. This can add to any possible irritation you experience in your eyes when wearing contacts. When you use prescription inserts, you're not at added risk of experiencing eye irritation. This makes playing paintball with your ski goggles more convenient and problem-free.

Give prescription goggle inserts a try with your paintball goggles. You're likely to be impressed with just how simple and inexpensive it is to get prescription inserts these days. All you have to do is provide your prescription information. You can then quickly enhance your goggles so that they offer prescription vision. Once you get your inserts, you can slip them in place yourself! Give prescription goggle inserts a try. You'll quickly see how effective and convenient they are at perfecting your paintball vision. 

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