The Best Golf Sunglasses 2019

The Best Golf Sunglasses 2019

Posted by Goggles N More on 14th Jan 2019

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Golfers who play frequently are serious about the game. They choose clubs, golf balls, and tees carefully in order to play their best. They select a golf bag, club covers, and golf hats to fit their style. They may use golfing gloves for a better grip.

All of these things are great and make playing golf more fun and rewarding. However, there is one thing that all golfers really need, which may improve their golf game substantially. This is a pair of high-quality sports sunglasses.

Best Golf Sunglasses

Choosing Sunglasses for Golf

When considering a pair of sunglasses, to wear while playing golf, it is a good idea to consider the price, the style and the technical specifications. It is better to get these high-quality sunglasses from the online store of in order to get a significant discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, which can save a lot of money.

Style with Protection

Besides choosing a style that is flattering to wear, it is important that the sunglasses stay on when playing golf and that they are comfortable enough to wear for a full round of play. Wearing a wraparound style or sunglasses with a head strap helps the sunglasses stay on when taking a big back-swing for a long drive. These sports sunglasses are designed to be very sturdy. Some styles come with removable activity guards, side guards, and a foam gasket cushion. In addition to providing more comfort, these removable pieces help prevent airborne things from getting into the eyes on windy days. They also offer protection from dirt, sand and grass that flies in the air when taking a golf shot.

Lens Choices

Golf sunglasses are available in non-prescription styles or with prescription lenses. With some models, there are also options for polarized lenses that reduce glare as well as UV, enhance contrast and improve clarity. Another option with some brands is to get photochromic lenses that automatically darken in sunlight.

Popular Sunglasses for Golfers

The popular sunglasses for golfers offered by include the high-quality brands of Liberty Sport.

Liberty Sport

Liberty Sport produces many sunglasses designed with recreational specifications that are suitable for golf. These include the models of Sport Biker, Sport ChopperTorque ITrailblazer I and II, “Switch” Pathfinder, and “Switch” Stormrider. All of these models are available in non-prescription styles or with prescription lenses.

The Sport BIKER frames and lens choices include:

  • Grey Carbon Frames with Ultimate Outdoor Lenses
  • Soft Matte Black Frames with Ultimate Driver Lenses

The Sport CHOPPER frames have removable side guards and come with Ultimate Driver Lenses. The frame color choices include:

  • Shiny Black
  • Army Green/Matte Black
  • Matte Black/Shiny Silver
  • Shiny Grey/Shiny Silver

Other models that are made by Liberty Sport are the TORQUE I with frames that come in translucent black or blue. The TRAILBLAZER I model comes with Ultimate Driver Lenses and the frame choices of translucent black or matte slate. The TRAILBLAZER II model comes with goggle-style Ultimate Driver Lenses with a translucent black frame.

The PATHFINDER and STORMRIDER models can switch from regular sunglasses to have more protection with the removable activity guards and climate side guards. They come with shiny black frames with grey-tinted polarized lenses.

No matter what style you prefer, has great choices of sunglasses for golfers.

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