The Best Places to Snowmobile in the World

The Best Places to Snowmobile in the World

Posted by Goggles N More on 4th Dec 2020

Among the various winter sports that people can try, snowmobiling is toward the top of the list. Many people who love snowmobiling also enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Therefore, some of the top places people love to go snowmobiling are Aspen, Snowmass, Park City, The Canyons, Vail, and Jackson Hole, which are amazing ski resorts. Those who love to travel and want an epic snowmobiling adventure looking at destinations from a global perspective will open up some incredible opportunities. What are some of the top places to go snowmobiling in the world?

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Snowmobile The Finnish Lapland

This location in Finland is impressive for anyone who loves winter sports, particularly those who like snowmobiling. People in The Finnish Lapland can take a snowmobile safari, racing through wide-open meadows, frozen rivers, and forests that are beautiful when covered in snow. It is also possible for people to take a snowmobile to a husky or Reindeer Farm, creating a truly unique experience. Therefore, anyone who would like to take their snowmobiling to new heights to think about exploring the Finnish Lapland.

Icelandic Snowmobiling Trails

Iceland has been a popular tourist destination of late for numerous reasons. Now, people can add snowmobiling to the list of reasons to go to Iceland! Iceland is the place to go for those looking for a unique landscape when they go snowmobiling. Iceland is also home to the Akureyri Tours and the Troll Peninsula. Therefore, those who plan on exploring this tiny island should make sure they check out these locations when they get on their snowmobile.

Snowmobile in Hokkaido, Japan

Japan is a truly unique place for snowmobiling and is home to some of the world’s top skiing and snowboarding destinations. The entire island of Hokkaido, Japan, is an amazing place to go snowmobiling. Hokkaido features some of the most significant snowfall totals in the region, making it possible for people to hop on a snowmobile and rip through the backcountry of Japan, exploring everything this unique location has to offer. When you’ve had enough snowmobiling, you can hit the slopes and have a ski day!

Siberia, Russia Has Incredible Snowmobile Trails

When people think about Siberia, they often do not have pretty visions. Snowmobiling is incredible in the Siberian winter. There is nothing quite like the snowfall totals of the Russian Siberian Tundra. People can tear across Siberia at high speeds, exploring everything from Lak Baikal to Cape Katelnikovsky. Siberia is a genuinely unique snowmobiling destination that everyone should explore at least once.

The Swiss Alps Snowmobile Adventures

Finally, it is impossible to talk about snowmobiling without exploring the Swiss Alps as well. The Swiss Alps compare to some of the top skiing destinations in the world. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they are also a great location to go snowmobiling. Year after year, the Swiss Alps continue to set record snow totals. People can explore Lago Nero, Black Lake, and Splugen Pass near the Swiss border. Finally, it's even possible for people to explore abandoned ghost towns and meandering trails along the way. There is nothing that can compare to snowmobiling across the Swiss Alps.

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