The Top 5 Snowmobile Trails in the United States

The Top 5 Snowmobile Trails in the United States

As the snow begins to fall in the United States, many people are excited about getting out on the open powder once again. Of the various sports that are out there, snowmobiling has a huge fan base in the US. There are so many different places in the United States to go snowmobiling that people might not know exactly which trails to choose from. There are a few examples that everyone should keep in mind that truly provide a unique snowmobiling experience.

Snowmobile West Yellowstone, MT

One of the world’s top places to go snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding is in Montana. In particular, West Yellowstone in Montana is outstanding for those who love to go snowmobiling. This is one of the top places in the world because this location gets an average snowfall of 143 inches between November and April. Furthermore, there are more than 400 miles of scenic snowmobile trails from which to choose. Therefore, people can continue to come back to West Yellowstone again and again for repeated snowmobiling adventures. Do not overlook this location when it comes to snowmobiles.

Western Upper Peninsula, MI Snowmobile Trails

When people think about the best ski resorts in the world, Michigan does not usually come to mind; however, for those who love to go snowmobiling, Michigan is the place to go. Western Upper Peninsula has consistently ranked as one of the best locations to snowmobile by numerous magazines. One of the biggest reasons why the Michigan U.P. is so popular is that there are more than 2,000 total miles of snowmobile trails. This area also receives more than 200 inches of snowfall throughout the winter, which is why it is referred to by many as “Big Snow Country.”

Snowmobile Eagle River, WI

Another excellent place for people to go snowmobiling is Eagle River, Wisconsin. Snow is plentiful in this part of the country. Furthermore, there are thousands of people who come to this area every year just to go snowmobiling. Therefore, many people call this area the snowmobile capital of the world. In particular, the Eagle River 500 is one of the top trails in the world for people to enjoy. With more than 500 miles of snowmobiling trails from which to choose, this is one of the most popular areas for people to go snowmobiling. Finally, there is even a racing championship that takes place here every year.

The Continental Divide Snowmobiling Trail in Wyoming

For those who love to go snowmobiling, do not miss the Continental Divide Snowmobiling Trail. In the eyes of many snowmobile fanatics, this is the number one snowmobile trail west of the Rocky Mountains. The trail runs from Lander to West Yellowstone, and the length is more than 675 miles long. One of the reasons it is so popular is that the continental divide snowmobile trail includes breathtaking views of some of the country’s most beautiful parts. This is not an area to be overlooked.

Snowmobile Trails In Old Forge, NY

For those who prefer to go snowmobiling somewhere on the East Coast, Old Forge is the place to do it. This area is often called the Snowmobile Capital of the East. In total, Old Forge has more than 500 miles of groomed, scenic snowmobile trails. In particular, those who decide to go on this trail will have amazing views of the Adirondack Mountains. Furthermore, this snowmobile trail will connect to various other snowmobile trails in the local area. This is a fantastic experience for those who go snowmobiling.

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