Top 20 Diving Locations 2019

Top 20 Diving Locations 2019

Posted by Goggles N More on 25th Dec 2018

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Diving Destinations 2019

Here are the 20 top diving locations to visit in 2019:

1. The Blue Hole - San Pedro, Belize

Madonna wrote a song about "La Isla Bonita," which is the beautiful island of San Pedro. The nearby Blue Hole is one of the most famous diving spots in the world. It is about 1,000 feet in diameter and goes to the depth of about 400 feet. Free divers set world records at this location.

2. Ko Tao Island – Thailand

This area has wonderful diving. It is a great place for beginners to learn how to dive in warm, clear waters at bargain prices for diving lessons.

3. Bali, the Banda Sea, Lembeh, Lombok, and Raja Ampat – Indonesia

Live-aboard boat trips traverse around many places in Indonesia to offer a wonderful variety of dive sites for visitors to enjoy over a week's stay.

4. Gili Islands – Indonesia

Lesser known than the more expensive Bali area, the Gilli Islands has a stunningly beautiful reef that is well preserved.

5. Komodo – Indonesia

In this area, one can see the famous Komodo dragon lizards on the land and then dive with large manta rays in the sea.

6. Sipadan – Malaysia

This diving area has beautiful coral reefs with abundant sea life that includes dolphins, brightly-colored tropical fish, turtles and sharks.

7. The Great Barrier Reef – Australia

This is the world's largest reef covering an area of more than 135,000 square miles. The reef is dying due to climate change so go now while there is still a chance to see it.

8. Hawaii

Just north of the Hawaiians Islands is the biggest protected marine area in the United States. Plenty of seals, mantas, and turtles can be seen along with humpback whales that migrate and pass by from December to May.

9. The Blue Wall – Micronesia

This is a superb destination in the South Pacific with plenty of coral reefs and WWII shipwrecks to explore.

10. Boracay Beach – Philippines

This beach is the perfect place to visit to enjoy a tropical paradise. You can relax on the sandy beach or go diving. The reefs are full of colorful clownfish and moray eels.

11. Bohol, Malapascua, and Palawan – Philippines

These are good places for the budget traveler where hotel stays, including the price of the dives, are as low as $65 per night.

12. Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

This is a lesser known dive area that is one of the best in the world. The number of visitors allowed to come to these islands is limited, so book a trip well in advance. The crystal-clear blue water offers diving among turtles and dolphins and the chance to see the famous Corvet V-17 shipwreck up close.

13. Sharm El Sheikh - Egyptian Red Sea

The water here is bright turquoise blue and always warm all year long. Popular safari trips on the Red Sea are the live-aboard diving plans that include food, sleeping on a boat and the diving excursions.

14. Maldives Islands Dive Resorts

For those who want a luxury vacation, the Maldives dive resorts offer pristine, white-sand beaches and spectacular reefs filled with manta rays and huge, gentle, whale sharks to swim with.

15. Malpelo – Columbia

This is an area that can only be reached by taking a live-aboard trip on a boat. It is famous for its abundant hammerhead sharks.

16. Tromsø – Norway

Cold water divers find adventure in this area. Occasionally, they can observe orca whales from underwater vantage points. The whales show up each year from October to the following February.

17. Baja California Sur – Mexico

This area offers continuing education courses for divers and certification for beginners. It has manta rays, whale sharks, and sea lions in abundance. There is also the annual migration of whales that is spectacular to see.

18. Mozambique

This country on the southeast coast of Africa offers 1,250 miles of coastline to explore. Humpback whales pass by on their migratory route.

19. Turks & Caicos

These Caribbean islands cater to family vacations. The diving schools offer scuba diving classes and certification for the entire family including children who are at least ten years old.

20. Savusavu – Fiji

This is the world's best soft coral reef area with plenty of blue starfish. It is the home of Jean-Michel Cousteau’s fabulous resort.

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