What Are Computer Glasses? Do They Really Work?

What Are Computer Glasses? Do They Really Work?

Posted by Goggles N More on 17th Sep 2019

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Modern technology helps us live more comfortably and with many more perks than our ancestors. These same technologies that make our lives easier and allow us to have entertainment and information right at our fingertips also comes with its own set of drawbacks and health risks. People who spend too much time looking at their computer or phone screens find themselves with Digital eye strain, text-neck, and blue light syndrome. These things are caused by too much screen time and other factors and can cause symptoms ranging from dry eyes, insomnia, itchy eyes, irritability, compromised immune system, neck pain, poor posture and even depression. The good news is that there are things you can do to prevent the negative side effects of enjoying our modern world. 

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is naturally occurring and exists pretty much everywhere outside during daylight hours. It is the light that makes the sky appear blue and allows your body to know when to release stimulating daytime "awake" hormones vs. relaxing nighttime "sleep" hormones. Blue light in its natural form is not only harmless, it is also required for sleep rhythms in mammals. The problem lies in the fact that computer screens, flat screened television screens, and smartphone screens all emit strong artificial blue light. This exposure has a lot of negative effects on the human mind and body. People who work jobs that put them in front of blue light screens or who stare at their computer, television or phone too often and during hours when the sun does not shine find themselves experiencing an array of negative side effects.

These side effects include blurry vision, dry eyes, difficulty sleeping, headaches, and even depression in some cases. All is not lost though, we now also have the technology to offset these negative side effects of screen time. One option available is computer glasses or blue light glasses. These glasses can be prescribed by your optician for computer use in particular or to minimize light from blue light and High Energy light from other electronic devices. Because High Energy Visible Blue light is additionally harmful and linked to cataracts, macular degeneration and vision loss these glasses are becoming more and more common.

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What Are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are much like any other pair of eyeglasses in appearance. However, they have filters in the lens to protect your eyes from blue light and other harsh false light. Computer glasses and blue light glasses can be worn even by those who do not need glasses to see. They come in a variety of styles, browse our selection today. 

How To Prevent Eye Strain and Physical Side Effects 

In addition to wearing your computer or blue light glasses while you are in front of screens, you can take steps to protect your eyes and sleep rhythm. First, limit your screen time for the last few hours of your day. The sooner after dark the better, rearrange your evening to fit your screen time in early on and switch to books or other forms of entertainment. Second, watch your posture and your distance from your screen. If you are hunched over your phone then your neck and shoulder muscles are straining and you are likely only eight inches from the phone screen. Use your phone farther away from your face than one foot and do not allow yourself to bend your neck down to huddle over your device. Third, if you work a job that has you staring at a screen all day be sure you are at least an arm's length from the screen and take a break every 20 minutes to simply stare at something across the room for a moment and give your eyes a break from the screen.

Check Out Our Selection Of Computer Glasses to Protect Your Eyes From Too Much Blue Light.

Computer glasses and blue light blocker glasses for other media are available right here at Goggles n More. You can have your blue light glasses in your own prescription if needed or with no prescription if you do not have one. Call us today or browse our selection and start filtering the harmful things out of your daily routine.

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