What is a prescription ski goggle insert?

What is a prescription ski goggle insert?

Posted by Goggles N More on 13th Dec 2019

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Those who typically wear prescription lenses for vision correction struggle with the issue of how to enjoy corrected vision as they ski or snowboard. Sharp vision is essential out on the slopes, but it can be difficult to wear ski goggles over eyeglasses. At the same time, those who wear contact lenses might also have issues because their eyes might be more prone to drying out, becoming irritated or tearing up when they try to ski or board with their contacts in.

Those who try to fit their eyeglasses underneath their  ski goggles should be aware of the fact that ski goggle lenses display much more curvature than eyeglass lenses. This means that an individual's vision is warped by this difference in curvatures. While wearing eyeglasses underneath ski goggles may improve an individual's vision if he or she has a relatively strong prescription, this setup will not result in optimal vision.

Correcting Vision with Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Prescription ski goggle inserts are the most affordable and effective option for using prescription lenses while participating in winter sports. A prescription ski goggle insert is a prescription lens that is easily slipped into ski goggles behind the goggle lens. These inserts are designed to fit particular goggles perfectly so that they stay in place despite all the rigorous high-speed movement that skiing and boarding entail.

This means that a prescription ski goggle insert basically turns a regular pair of ski goggles into prescription lens goggles. Prescription ski goggle inserts are now available to fit all sizes of goggles. From kids ski goggles to adults, prescription ski goggle inserts are designed to fit the size and shape of the ski goggles of the skier or boarder.

Advantages of prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Prescription ski goggle inserts offer numerous major advantages over all the other options out there for accommodating one's prescription in winter sport eyewear. For one thing, inserts are notably more affordable than buying brand name prescription goggles.

While it's possible to have ski goggles made with one's prescription built into the actual ski goggle lens, this is a far more expensive means of dealing with a vision issue while skiing or boarding than simply buying prescription ski goggle inserts for one's goggles. It's also important to note than an insert could potentially be taken out of one pair of ski goggles and put in another pair of ski goggles if they are the same size and shape.  Installing the prescription ski goggle inserts is really easy and takes just seconds. This is great news for the many skiers and boarders who alternate between numerous pairs of ski goggles depending on weather and lighting conditions.;

Prescription ski goggle inserts aren't just advantageous when it comes to affordability. They allow skiers and boarders to enjoy greater vision, and this is perhaps one of the biggest advantages. Skiers or snowboarders don't want to miss out on seeing all that beautiful mountain scenery in detail. Therefore, it's important for them to find some way to use their prescription on the trails. Of course, the number one reason why good vision is important is for the sake of safety. Sharp vision allows skiers and boarders to see the terrain below them clearly and make out details like upcoming moguls or ice patches. 

Finding Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts for your Ski Goggles

These days, it's easy to find prescription ski goggle inserts to fit into any ski goggles. You'll probably be surprised at how easy it is to order and install inserts. You just need to provide the details regarding your prescription and you'll quickly have drastically improved ski goggles to wear out on the mountain this season.

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