What Is an Anti Reflective Lens Coating?

What Is an Anti Reflective Lens Coating?

Posted by Goggles N More on 19th Jun 2020

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For those who are looking at various options for eyewear and eye protection, it is easy to become lost in the numerous options, features, and benefits available. While this is great for providing people with options they can tailor to meet their needs, it can also be hard for people to keep track of what they are seeing. One of the prescription lens options that people might have heard about is called an anti-reflective lens coating. It is also called glare-free and no-glare; however, this coating can make a significant difference in someone’s ability to see. For this reason, there are a few points that everyone should keep in mind when it comes to an anti-reflective lens coating.

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What is an Anti-Reflective Lens Coating?

An anti-reflective lens coating is a coating that can be added to the lenses of glasses and goggles to reduce the glare that is caused by light hitting the lenses. When light strikes the back of the lenses, it can expand and magnify, making it hard for people to see. This can be a serious safety issue for driving, sports, and detailed work.

The addition of an anti-reflective lens coating can dramatically improve someone’s vision while also making eyeglasses and goggles more appealing visually. Any anti-reflective lens coating will virtually eliminate nearly any reflection from either the back or front surfaces of the lenses. Without these bothersome reflections, it is easier for light to pass through the lenses and optimize someone’s vision. This means fewer distractions, particularly in the dark, making an anti-reflective lens coating one of the most popular eyeglasses features.

How Does an Anti-Reflective Coating Work?

The idea of an anti-reflective lens coating was first developed for use by deep-space telescopes and detailed scientific microscopes that needed to be more precise as they worked. An anti-reflective lens coating is made up of multiple layers of metal oxides. Then, these layers are applied to both the front and back surfaces of the lens. The effect of layers causes the reflected light to be reduced, allowing more light to be transmitted through the lens instead of being reflected. This means that someone’s eyes are going to look better to the outside world in addition to making it easier to see. In general, an anti-reflective lens coating will make the lenses of the glasses themselves almost invisible while also cutting down on the glare and halos around lights, making it easier for someone to see. An anti-reflective lens coating is used almost universally on high index glasses and goggles. Because of the materials used for making anti reflective coating you will want to be sure to care for your glasses appropriately with cleaning, wear and storage

Who Needs an Anti-Reflective Coating on the Lenses?

In the end, pretty much anyone who wears goggles or glasses is going to benefit from an anti-reflective lens coating to some extent; however, there are a few situations in which this coating is incredibly helpful. These examples include:

Driving: When someone is driving, an anti-reflective lens coating is almost a must. This coating will reduce the glare coming off the road. Furthermore, this anti-reflective lens coating is even more helpful at night. It will cut the glare and halos from other headlights and streetlights, making it easier for someone to drive. This is a serious safety improvement.

Sports: There are certain sports where an anti-reflective lens coating is necessary. While this coating is always helpful when someone is outside at all, this coating is great for anyone who participates in water or snow sports. The glare from liquid and frozen precipitation can be severe. This anti-reflective lens coating will help to cut back on this.

In addition, anyone who spends a lot of time working around bright lights inside should consider investing in an anti-reflective lens coating. While the effect might not be as dramatic, this coating is still helpful.

Without a doubt, this anti-reflective lens coating is one of the most advanced options on the market today when it comes to eyewear. It can make a tremendous difference in someone’s ability to see.  At Goggles N’ More, we work hard to make sure that we provide the most advanced ocular products on the market. Take a look at our shop today and contact us with any questions or concerns!

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