Why Should Kids Wear Children’s Swimming Goggles?

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Why Should Kids Wear Children’s Swimming Goggles?

William Shakespeare was the mastermind behind the famous quote, “The eyes are the windows to soul.” Eyes not only tell you things about a person that their words might not, but they enable us discover and visualize the magical world we live in. It’s very crucial that we strive to take care of our eyes from an early age. So when it comes to your children's swimming lessons, it’s important for your child to wear goggles. Wearing goggles prevents chemicals, bacteria, and debris from entering the eye and causing irritation or an infection.

Protection from Chlorine and Debris

All public pools try to clean the pools with specific levels of chlorine to kill any harmful bacteria. Chlorine is only an effective disinfectant when pH remains within the ideal range. Unfortunately, the ideal pH range is very small and hard to control in pools- If the pH is too high, then chlorine won’t be an effective disinfectant and if the pH is too low, then the pipes will corrode. With pH levels being hard to maintain in large public pools, children are more likely to experience redness and irritation with their naked eyes exposed to the chemicals.

Goggles are the solution to prevent uncomfortable, red, itchy and sore eyes during each swimming lesson. Not only do goggles prevent harmful chemicals from entering the eye, but they also protect them from any debris (such as bugs and leaves) from infiltrating your eye.

Medical Reasons

There are various cases where your child is in need of goggles not for protection, but due to a medical condition. A perfect example would be the use of prescription goggles that help your child see clearly in order to swim safely. It’s important to ensure that your child's goggles are comfortable and are worn properly in order to be used effectively.

Learning Without Goggles

Goggles do very often help children feel comfortable when they first learn how to swim or during longer periods of swimming practice. However in emergency situations, they may not have access to swim goggles or even glasses.

If your child is comfortable in the water with their goggles, it’s beneficial to occasionally have your child practice without them. This can help your child feel more confident when in the water and could safeguard your child in an emergency situation.

Finding the Right Pair

Finding that perfect pair of goggles with the right fit could take some trial and error unless you seek advice from a professional swimming specialist store.

At, we offer a vast selection of children’s swimming goggles and can answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for more information at 800-371-5259 or at

Don’t forget how important sight is! Keep your children’s eyes healthy and protected by using the perfect swimming goggles as they learn how to swim.

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