Non-Prescription Sports Sunglasses

Whether you are driving, fishing, playing sports or just want to look good while protecting your eyes, we have the perfect pair of non-prescription sunglasses for you. These come with a non prescription lense but most can be customized to your exact prescription for vision correction. We carry non-prescription styles for men, women and kids with most having the ability to choose your lense to get the level of light blocking you need. Digital HD lenses are now available, with clear vision throughout each lens. Polarized lenses offer fixed color tints that reduces glare reflecting off surfaces such as water and windscreens. Ideal for boating or fishing. Transitions VII lenses Change from clear indoors up to 70% dark gray outdoors under strong sunlight. Transitions XTRActive - Changes from light 10% grey indoors up to 85% dark gray outdoors. Check out our selection of Prescription Sports Sunglasses, prescription glasses and custom swim goggles.