Best Prescription Swim Goggles for Swim Lessons

Best Prescription Swim Goggles for Swim Lessons

Posted by Goggles N More on 10th Jan 2023

Swim goggles are a fundamental accessory for swimming comfortably and improving performance in this sport. A vast majority of people use them without any type of prescription as they do not suffer from vision problems. The most common option followed by swimmers is to use the usual contact lenses. However, swim goggles tend to be the best option because of the eye protection benefits they provide. Fortunately, those with poor vision also have the option to get prescription swim goggles.

Benefits of Prescription Swim Goggles

Prescription swim goggles are a type of goggles that has a specific prescription for each person and are designed to be used in the water. In this way, it is possible to see normally both on the surface and underwater, whether it is the swimming pool or the sea. There's a reason why your vision blurs underwater, and why you need to see clearly.

Prescription swim goggles differ from traditional glasses for a number of reasons. These are swim goggles designed to be used in very specific environments. Due to this, they are made to adapt without problem to each of the situations that can occur in water. You can have regular swim goggles customized with your specific prescription, which solves issues in seeing clearly.

Prescription Swim Goggles

How Prescription Swim Goggles Are Made

One of the elements that characterize prescription swim goggles is that most of them are made from polycarbonate plastic. That is, they are not glass. This makes them much more resistant than conventional prescription glasses, as well as being much more resistant to other elements that they will have to deal with, such as chlorine, sand or salt.

On the other hand, taking into account that they will be used in the water, they have a specific silicone seal on the sides of the lenses. Thanks to this hermetic seal, it is possible to prevent the passage of water inside the goggles, which guarantees a much more comfortable and efficient practice of sport.

Likewise, and continuing with the importance of being designed to be used in the water, this type of goggle is developed with a hydrodynamic shape. This means that they facilitate swimming by not exerting additional resistance during practice, which makes them also the most recommended option in the case of professional athletes.

Another aspect that makes these glasses the best option for people who do not see well and who practice water sports is that they are designed to prevent fogging. Unlike what happens with conventional prescription glasses, these types of glasses are developed with materials that prevent mist from adhering to the surface of the lenses, which makes it easier to practice sports and increases comfort. There are also glasses that can be customized. This means that they can be adapted to each particular case and situation.

When to Wear Prescription Swim Goggles

In the sea, it must be taken into account that the harmful effects of the sun are added to the dangers of the water. Although for sports such as surfing, sailing or rowing, prescription swim goggles aren't necessary. However, with swimming lessons, swim goggles essential, since the body is in constant movement. For this, it is important that the materials are flexible and that they consist of a material that holds them and prevents them from slipping.

A fundamental factor when swimming or doing water activities in the sea or pool is that the glasses have protection against UV rays - very harmful to eye health, since these activities involve spending many hours exposing the eyes to the sun and chlorine. There are also specialized manufacturers of all kinds of sports glasses, although the quality-price ratio will imply a greater economic outlay.

Prescription Swim Goggles for Kids

Picking the Right Prescription Swim Goggles

Useful information to keep in mind before buying your prescription swim goggles:

  • Choose the ones that best suit your face. Although it seems obvious, the main purpose of prescription swimming goggles is to avoid contact with water to adequately protect your eyes . Choose the model that fits perfectly to the shape of your face.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. If you are going to use them to swim outdoors, it is essential that you choose glasses with dark and mirrored lenses that protect your eyes from solar radiation.
  • Check your vision and make sure the prescription is correct. As with any prescription goggles, the lenses of your new prescription swim goggles must be adapted to the diopter you need.

During the practice of water sports, both the face and the body are in constant movement. For this reason, it is essential that the glasses are well attached to the face. So that the glasses do not move, it is recommended that you choose ones that have flexible materials on the nose and temples. You can also choose sunglasses that have an elastic strap. This fastening tape helps the glasses conform better to the face, which prevents them from slipping.

Where to Buy the Best Prescription Swim Goggles

It is important to have prescription swim goggles for kids while they're learning how to swim. It gives them clearer vision, keeps them safe and improves their confidence. If your child practices water sports and wears regular prescription glasses, you should consider getting a customized prescription swim goggles from online retailer Goggles N More. 

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