Best Sports Glasses for Pickleball

Best Sports Glasses for Pickleball

Posted by Goggles N More on 23rd Nov 2022

If you wear glasses and are playing a sport, it may make sense to invest in sports glasses. Many sports glasses can be customized so that they are designed using your eye prescription, while also being designed to work well for the sport you are playing. If you love pickleball, or are considering taking this sport up, you may be looking for the best sports glasses for the sport. Eye protection is vital for pickleball as much as it is for ice hockey or sports glasses for field hockey. Read on to learn more about pickleball and the importance of wearing the right eyewear for this sport.

Sports Glasses for Pickleball

What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a game that can be played either indoors or outdoors on a pickleball court, or a court that looks similar to a tennis court. The game can be played with either two players or four players. The game involves hitting a perforated polymer ball over a net that is three feet high using solid-faced paddles. The game has elements of tennis, ping-pong and badminton incorporated into it.

How Pickleball Gained Popularity Today

Pickleball was invented in 1965, but has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. This is because the game is exciting and fairly easy to learn. Additionally, while it is fun to play, it is a game that can be played at different skill levels, ranging from beginners to professionals, ensuring people of all ages and all skill levels can participate in this sport and have fun while doing so.

Sports Glasses for Pickleball

Pickleball is not a sport that requires you to wear protective eyewear. However, if you typically wear glasses, you will want to wear sports glasses to ensure you can see clearly while playing. Your regular glasses can easily fall off your face while you are running for the ball or break if the ball hits them. This is why you need to wear eyewear that is specifically designed to be worn while playing a sport.

Risks of Not Wearing Sports Glasses in Pickleball

If you do not wear sports glasses for pickleball, even though you typically wear glasses, you may find yourself unable to see clearly. It is important to see clearly and have good vision while playing pickleball because you have a small ball that is being hit across a court. You have to be able to see where the ball is being hit in order for you to track and follow the ball, and hit it back over the net. If you have vision problems, it is easy to lose track of the ball, which can impact your ability to truly follow the ball and be a good player. Read about how to protect sports glasses when you're not wearing them.

Best Sports Glasses for Pickleball

There are many different types of sports glasses out there that are designed to be worn for different sports. The glasses are designed specifically for different types of sports, so you need to consider the sport you are playing. If you are looking for pickleball glasses, look for glasses that state they are designed for racket sports. Most of our racket sports glasses can be customized with your eye prescription lenses, helping to ensure that you can see while you are playing a sport. Some of the top sports glasses that can be worn for pickleball include:

Rec Specs Liberty Sport TORQUE II

These wraparound style sports glasses are perfect for many activities, including riding a motorcycle, playing pickleball, or for golfing. We love these sunglasses because they help to reduce glare, while also helping you to focus on small items, such as balls, as you are participating in outdoor activities or sports.

Rec Specs Sports Glasses

Progear in Matte Neon Yellow

We love these sports glasses because they are impact-resistant sports glasses that are designed to fit all ages, including youth, kids, and adults. Bright colors are also easier to spot if you tend to misplace glasses easily.

Progear Sports Glasses

Rec Specs Liberty Sport F8 Slam

These sports glasses look and feel just like regular glasses. However, there are optional straps that you can add to ensure they stay in place. The material they are made from also helps to make them durable and ensures they can safely be worn while participating in different sports, including pickleball, lacrosse, tennis and soccer.

Rec Specs Sports Glasses

Progear in Shiny Crystal Transparent

Designed to be ATSM rated impact-resistant, the Progear TEMPLE Series are available for youth to adults and they come in other eye-catching colors.

Progear Sports Glasses

Rec Specs Liberty Sport Street Series

The Street Series are made to resist impact from pickleballs and any other racquet sport, available in bright colors for all ages. Look and feel like your regular sunglasses with protection built in for playing on the court.

Rec Specs Sports Glasses

Progear in Matte Navy Blue

Similar to most Progear styles, each pair of sports glasses are available in various colors that are matte and shiny for all ages. Plus, they are trendy and offer a comfortable fit.

Progear Sports Glasses

Here at Goggles N, we specialize in sports glasses and sports goggles. We also carry a large selection of ski goggles, prescription goggle inserts, swim goggles, and more. If you have a prescription for eye glasses, and you play sports, we can create the perfect pair of prescription sports glasses or sports goggles with your exact RX. This helps you to protect your eyes while playing a sport, while also ensuring that you can see clearly and focus as you play.

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