Best Swimming Beaches In Australia

Best Swimming Beaches In Australia

Posted by Goggles N More on 5th Feb 2021

If you are looking for an exotic destination that has plenty of beautiful swimming locations, then check out the continent of Australia. Many people do not realize just how big Australia is; however, the continent of Australia rivals the United States in size. There are countless miles of beautiful beaches to explore. If you are flying halfway across the world to check out Australia, then make sure that you plan appropriately by taking a look at some of the best swimming beaches this continent has to offer. Take a closer look at our list below!

North Point Beach at Moreton Island

If you have already explored everything that the main area of Queensland has to offer, then it is time to head to the shores of Moreton Island. You will need to take a 90-minute ferry from Brisbane; however, it will undoubtedly be worth it. There are beautiful stretches of white sand along with deep blue water that everyone is going to love. Once you have finished swimming and taking a look at everything beneath the surface, consider taking a bushwalk or taking a look at Honeymoon Bay! You can even go for a bushwalk to round out your trip on Moreton Island!

Stokes Bay Beach at Kangaroo Island

Another place that you might want to check out is the beautiful waters of Stokes Bay located on Kangaroo Island. Head to the north coast of this island and take a look at this calm inlet. This is a great place to paddle through the calm waters to the rocks. Then, jump in with your swimming goggles and look at all of the animals swimming in this area. If you usually wear prescription eyewear, checkout prescription swim goggles custom-made to match your exact prescription needs. The rocks have been arranged to form a beautiful pool at this part of the inlet. That way, you are going to be protected from giant waves. Of course, you are not going to be able to go surfing here!

Point King Beach on Mornington Peninsula

Port King Beach is another beach that you will want to check out. It is located on the Mornington Peninsula. Point King is beneath the mansions that dominate this part of Australia. Sitting about 1.5 hours south of Melbourne (by car), two hidden beaches make up Point King. At the end of Point King Road, you will want to follow a narrow path. Once you reach the turquoise waters, you know you have reached the destination. You will want to bring your snorkel so that you can explore the reef. If you have scuba diving equipment, then you will want to bring that too! There is a monument dedicated to the first hoisting of the Union Jack in 1802!

Shelly Beach in Sydney

Finally, make sure to hop on the ferry from the Circular Quay in Sydney and head over to Manly, where you can swim at Shelly Beach. This is a protected marine reserve that has shallow, clear water. Shelly Beach is an excellent place for families with children in addition to scuba divers and snorkelers. Known for its wide variety of marine life, you can also sign up for a tour with EcoTreasures to take advantage of everything this beach has to offer! Be sure to catch a meal at The Boathouse at Shelly Beach as well!

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