Can You Wear Prescription Sports Glasses?

Can You Wear Prescription Sports Glasses?

Posted by Goggles N More on 15th Apr 2022

Playing sports is a wonderful way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and connect with friends. Sports can be challenging for those who require prescription eyewear. Luckily, prescription sports goggles and sports glasses can be used in just about any sport, providing clear vision while protecting the individual athlete and others on the field.

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Can You Wear Prescription Sports Glasses?

Most sports will allow you to wear prescription sports glasses or goggles, pending they have a proper fit and do not pose a risk to you or others playing the sport. Having prescription sports glasses can help you see the field better, and they can help better protect your face.

Any time you are partaking in physical exercise or a sport, think about how your eyeglasses will move. Some contact sports, like basketballsoccer, rugby, or field hockey, may require the use of prescription sports glasses to keep both you and your team safe. Usually, sports goggles that fit close to the face and are secured with a strap around the head are the best option for active sports.

Some sports that require a facemask and helmet, like hockey and football, are best played with fitted sports goggles. Because of the several benefits of sports glasses, like stronger lens materials and a tighter fit, several athletes and leagues prefer players to wear sports goggles instead of traditional glasses. Many sports, like squash, tennisgolf, or cycling, approve regular prescription eyewear, although having sports glasses may help improve vision and performance.

What Sports Do Not Allow Prescription Sports Glasses?

When it comes to sports prohibiting prescription glasses, the rules are somewhat subjective. The general understanding is that prescription glasses should not be worn in particular sports, especially sports that may cause the glasses to become dangerous, and should be replaced with prescription sports goggles.

In high-speed or contact sports, the chance of breaking your glasses is a real and very possible risk. Breaking the glasses during a game can not only cause you harm, with possible cuts, bruises, and potential damage to your eyes, but glasses that come flying off your face could be a potential hazard to those around you.

Usually, contact sports that do not require a full face mask helmet, like soccer and basketball, prohibit the use of regular glasses. Individual sports, like swimming and diving, prohibit the use of regular glasses because of the real danger they can pose to the athlete. Some individual sports, like golf or tennis, have more lenient rules, but athletes generally see better from prescription sports goggles.

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Do Some Sports Have Special Considerations for Prescriptions Sports Glasses?

Basketball specifies the use of prescription sports glasses and goggles, allowing eye protection that is “appropriate for basketball.” Professional basketball, as well as college-level basketball, adheres to these rules. In some schools and leagues for children, regular glasses can be worn up to a certain age. However, prescription sports goggles are always the safer option.

Why Do Some Sports Not Allow Prescription Sports Glasses?

Some sports prohibit wearing glasses because of the potential harm they can cause to the individual athlete or other participants in the sport. Glasses made with traditional materials not rated for high speeds and contact can break and bend easily, harming the athlete with bruising, cuts, or eye damage.

Further, glasses that are not securely in place around the face can damage others on the field, court, or swimming pool if they happen to become dislodged. Glasses falling or flying into another athlete could cause a serious injury. 

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