In Case Your Camping Trip Goes Wrong - 10 Tips for Survival in The Woods

Posted by Goggles n More on 15th May 2016

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10 Tips for Survival in The Woods

You never know when things will go wrong when camping. Be equipped with some vital survival tactics so you can survive in the woods. Below is a list of 10 survival tips to help you survive.

1. Never panic

Panic in this situation can be dangerous. It will hinder the operation of your survival tactics. It also messes with your mind. When you notice you are lost, the first thing to do is to take a deep breath to help you stay calm. It will help clear your mind.

2. Look at your surroundings carefully

That point you notice you’re lost becomes your point zero. Mark that point with anything that is visible from afar.

3. Do not move around

Staying in one place will greatly increase your survival chances. It also increases your chances of being found by people that you might informed of your plans.

4. Signal the location

Making your location known by making noises, or by making it visible from afar increases your chances of being rescued.

5. Scout the area

Scout the area in search of essentials such as food and water. Remember to always go back to point zero.

6. Find shelter

Without any form of shelter you will be exposed to elements and you are at a greater risk of hypothermia. Use the resources around you to keep warm and stay safe.

7. Find a water source

Water is essential for your survival though you could survive for up to three days without water. Find a spring or a stream of water (do not drink water from stagnant puddles). Boil the water before you drink it or pack water purification tablets with you.

8. Start a fire

Find dry wood that you can use to start a large fire that will keep you warm for hours. It’s always a good idea to pack fire starting tools that are not mechanical or chemical/fuel dependent that will work regardless of weather conditions, such as a ferrocerium rod.

9. Find some food

You can go for weeks without food but you should seek some safe food to ensure you do not fall ill.

10. Insects and bugs are food too

Do not starve yourself. Bugs can be disgusting but can be very nutritional (e.g. good source of protein).

With the above tips you increase your survival chances and chances of being found. 

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