Low-Cost Prescription Ski Goggles With Inserts

Low-Cost Prescription Ski Goggles With Inserts

Posted by Goggles N More on 5th Jan 2023

The last thing that usually crosses our minds before we head out to the ski resort is protecting our eyes, or our vision. If you happen to have vision loss, and are used to bearing the difficulties of constantly wearing prescription glasses or contacts, there another more comfortable option - We'll discuss prescription ski goggle inserts later.

Skiing, sledding, and snowboarding, along with other exciting winter sports, have the potential to expose your eyes to prolonged periods of unforgiving wind and ultra-bright sunlight. In the past, ski goggles were mostly worn when the weather was bad. However, ski goggles have become an important safety feature and an integral part of one’s skiing, sledding, or snowboarding equipment.

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The Benefits of Wearing Ski Goggles

The following lists the benefits outdoor-sport-lovers receive when choosing to wear ski goggles:

Snow Blindness

Skiers and snow boarders have the potential to travel at great speeds, a skill that requires clear visibility if they are to make necessary adjustments to stay safe on the slopes. However, even skiers who prefer a long-winding, scenic trail will face vision challenges due to the sun’s glare.

Darker or tinted lenses help skiers/snowboarders enjoy a day on the slopes without squinting because of the sun’s glare. A pair of goggles provides the wearer with tinted lenses that reflect the incoming glare off the bright sky, stark white snow, or ice patches. Note that photo-chromatic and polarized lenses are even more effective sun glare blockers.

UV Protection

Ski goggles provide important (100%) protection against the damage caused by harmful UV & UVB rays. Goggles protect against excessive exposure to these high-intensity UV rays, which have the potential to cause both short & long-term eye damage.

In addition, snow blindness caused by UV rays is possible and dangerous. Snow blindness happens when the cornea becomes sunburned by overexposure to UV light.

And because light exposure becomes more intense at higher altitudes, the sun’s potency is magnified at these heights. Snow blindness can even cause temporary blindness and contribute to long-term eye damage, including conditions like cataracts.

Enhances Visible Contrast

Skiers and snowboarders will find that the terrain across their vision and backdrop tends to blend when carving down the mountain. Poor contrast is the cause of this type of poor visibility. Ski goggles can help improve skiers' and snowboarders’ vision by enhancing the contrast between objects and their shadows.

In other words, enhanced visible contrast allows skiers to see the dip on the slope before their skis pass over it without warning. Note that there are a variety of color tints to help with contrast based on specific ski, sledding, and snowboarding conditions.

Protection From Flying Objects

Ski goggles protect skiers from dangers and hazards should they fall on the slopes. Blunt objects, rocks, tiny pebbles of ice, and even your skis can hit and cause eye damage or another injury.

In addition, nearby skiers may throw hard-packed or groomed snow on a turn which goggles help to protect against.

The Importance Of Wearing Ski Goggles

Ultimately, the primary purpose of wearing ski goggles is that they provide increased safety to a skier’s eyes and vision. While many people mistakenly believe that sunglasses could handle the issues (and dangers) outdoor sports lovers face, sunglasses simply do not measure up to the protection offered by proper-fitting ski goggles.

  • Unlike sunglasses, ski goggles are designed to fit the face snugly and securely in place. Many goggles are offered in combination with helmets for speedsters.
  • Ski goggles seal the eye area off from cold, harsh mountain air. Goggles are also watertight, providing significantly more protection than wearing sunglasses.
  • When skiing, falling is typically an inevitable event. A skier or snowboarder will find the flexibility offered by the goggles acts as great protection should they tumble on a run.
  • If a tree branch or debris flies by, ski goggles protect against eye damage from these objects. Eyeglasses would smash and fly off instead of protecting your eyes.

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Benefits Of Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Do you normally wear prescription glasses or contacts? Are you interested in winter activities? Then consider a pair of affordable prescription ski goggle inserts. Skiers and outdoor sports lovers who wear prescription glasses or contacts can avoid the discomfort while enjoying their favorite winter activity with prescription ski goggle inserts. 

Specifically designed to fit inside most ski goggles and snowboard goggles, they not only give you clearer vision but they also are a safety measure especially if your contacts or prescription glasses are bothering you. These easy-to-use inserts offer the corrected vision a skier, sledder, or snowboarder needs - without wearing glasses beneath the goggles of your choice. And most importantly, they are cost-effective compared to purchasing custom-designed prescription goggles.

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