Prescription Goggles and Snowshoes

Prescription Goggles and Snowshoes

Goggles N More is a great place to find ski goggles and prescription ski goggle inserts which come custom made to match your exact prescription. Prescription ski goggle inserts that match your exact prescription for each eye and can correct for astigmatism are a must-have for anyone who loves outdoor winter sports. These custom made to prescription ski goggle inserts easily snap in and out of your ski goggles and can quickly be swapped between different pairs of ski goggles.

Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Because we have a focus on outdoor adventures and products, we sometimes find other brands and products that just seem like a good fit. If you love to spend time outdoors in the winter snowshoeing, check out the unique and amazing snowshoes and snowshoe accessories from Crescent Moon Snowshoes.

Crescent Moon Snowshoes

Crescent Moon has been making snowshoes for 22 years, and the only one to make a snowshoe made of expandable polymer - the same material used in every running and athletic shoe in the world. But we knew we were on to something. So, we started making prototypes out of packing sheet foam, carving, sanding, and forming them by hand to test the concept. We called our friend Dan Laska, who was the lead designer at Crocs and asked him to help us make "the best recreational snowshoes" on the market. Two years in the making and lots of time and days on snow, Eva was conceived.

Foam Snowshoes

It doesn’t get much simpler or more intuitive than hook and loop! The Velcro-like material is “military-grade”, specifically designed to resist snow and ice buildup. These foam snowshoes are so lightweight that it feels like you're walking on clouds, and, unlike other snowshoes, they are completely silent.

Eva and Luna Foam Snowshoes

Foam Snowshoes Eva Snowshoes Luna Snowshoes

Eva Snowshoes are the intuitive alternative to awkward-clunky-traditional snowshoes. Luna Snowshoes are recommended as a first pair, AND a second pair, for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, dog walkers, runners, and people who love the snow.

Eva Snowshoes were introduced in 2017 after our co-founder Tamara Laug, a life-long runner was inspired by the rocker-shaped Hoka running shoes. We wanted to make a snowshoe that was comfortable, lightweight, quiet and made snowshoeing more like wearing a pair of your favorite running or hiking shoes. Snowshoes that both beginners and enthusiasts alike could appreciate. In short, nothing less than disrupting the entire category of traditional snowshoes.

Aluminum Snowshoes

Aluminum Snowshoes All Terrain Snowshoes

Our aluminum snowshoe frame is made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum tubing for strength, durability, and reliability. The decking is made from an ultra-durable material called TGS which won’t tear or fail. These snowshoes have the only three-claw crampon traction system on the market, and features the only genuine toe claw found on any snowshoe.

All-Terrain Snowshoes

All Terrain Snowshoes

All-terrain snowshoe for men and women up to 195lbs. It features Crescent Moon's all-foot encompassing binding system which uses an anatomical design for both L/R. . Fits a range of sizes, very comfortable with adjustments that allow you to customize for your footwear.

  • The athletic design makes it highly maneuverable
  • Lightweight but long-lasting durable components
  • Easy on/off bindings with ratchet buckles and quick release adjustments
  • Stainless steel traction from toe to heel

Features aggressive stainless steel crampons including Crescent Moon's unique climbing toe claw along with a main claw immediately below the ball of your foot and at the heel. You can have great confidence in the traction they provide - there will be no slipping or sliding allowed with these all-terrain trail snowshoes, even on hard and icy inclines. Recommended on steep, rolling or flat terrain.

Backcountry Snowshoes

Backcountry Aluminum Snowshoes

The Crescent Moon Gold 10 is built for unending exploration beginning where most trails end. Bigger bindings, more traction, more surface area, the Gold 10 accommodates foot sizes 10 to 15 including large volume boots like snowboard or hard-shell tele boots and every other kind of cold weather boot. The Backcountry Snowshoe model also features a brilliant set of traversing claws in addition to the stainless steel teeth located at the ball, heel, and most uniquely, the climbing toe claw, and most importantly, everywhere you need traction and nowhere that you don't. The moderated tear drop shape of the mens backcountry Gold 10 model makes the 32" x 10" dimension feel more maneuverable than traditionally shaped 30" snowshoes and the bindings work in concert with the platform to make every step one of great importance and significance in the pursuit of happiness. What more can be said, but these are the finest backcountry snowshoes you'll ever own? We suggest you buy them.

Running Snowshoe 

Running Snowshoe Best Running Snowshoes

The Gold 12 model was designed for runners of both sexes to get away quickly on packed trails, up ski runs, and across race courses. Past winner of the 'Winter Gear of the Year' award (Trail Runner Magazine), we continue to improve them in our pursuit of a better time. The Gold 12 running snowshoes come with a lightweight, foot-formed secure binding that holds your foot securely from top to bottom and front to back, from start to finish…. It has become the Gold standard by which other running snowshoes are measured. To keep your feet warm and dry, consider the neoprene booties that fit over your running shoes for complete comfort.

The overall weight of the Gold 12 is also among the lightest, but just as importantly, is the reliability of the entire shoe. We think you should be able to run "all the way" back home. Whether you're a seasoned snowshoe runner or shopping for your first pair, the Gold 12s are among the best trail running snowshoes you can put on your feet.

Snowshoe Accessories

Crescent Moon Accessories Snowshoe Accessories

Accent your snowshoe experience with some of the most talked-about snowshoe accessories. From hiking poles, carrying bags, telescopic shovels, avalanche probes, and booties, these lightweight products can add just what you need to improve your next snowshoe adventure. You can't beat this pricing either!

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