Ski Goggles For Snow Kiting

Ski Goggles For Snow Kiting

Posted by Goggles N More on 6th Nov 2020

For those looking for a truly unique winter sport to try, snowkiting is an excellent option. Snowkiting involves using a kite to pull someone across the snow. Those who have attempted skiing before understand that there is usually some degree of wind that is present. The higher up people go, the windier it gets. Therefore, it makes sense that when people launch a kite, there is a tremendous amount of wind. When the kite is large enough, people can grab onto the strings and get pulled across the frozen tundra. At the same time, it is also important for people to wear the right equipment. What are a few of the most critical points that people need to keep in mind when it comes to snowkiting equipment?

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The Right Clothing for Snowkiting

First, people need to know what type of clothing they should wear. Clothing and layering are the proper ingredients when it comes to a successful adventure snowkiting. Often, people tend to overdress. Overdressed for the occasion, they start to sweat, overheat, become dehydrated, and begin to cramp up. Snowkiting is a high-energy sport that will heat a body quickly.

Usually, people wear a single base layer and a shell to keep the wind and snow away from their bodies. If the temperature gets down to the single digits, it might require an extra base layer. The vast majority of people who go snowkiting also wear a down parka. This will provide ventilation, allowing people to regulate their temperature better when they go snowkiting.

What About the Kite Itself?

Of course, people need to make sure they have the right snowkite as well. There are plenty of options from which to choose. For those who are first getting started, an essential factor to consider is the size of the kite. The larger the kite is, the harder it is to control. At the same time, a larger kite is also going to capture more wind. This means that the force, power, and speed of the ride will be much higher. For those who are wondering what size snow kite to use, it might be a good idea to talk with trained professionals as well. Depending on skill level, there are plenty of snow kites from which to choose.

The Accessories for Snowkiting

Finally, it is also important to talk about accessories as well. The most important pieces of equipment that people need to wear at all times, include a helmet, goggles, and gloves. No matter what winter sport someone is trying, it is important to wear a helmet. Even though snow might feel soft during a snowball fight, people can suffer a serious head injury if they strike the ground. Of course, gloves are important for providing people with a comfortable grip on the kite in addition to preventing frostbite.

The Importance of Ski Goggles

Of course, it is also important to talk about ski goggles as well. There are plenty of ski goggles from which to choose that can be helpful for snowkiting. Ski goggles are important for snowkiting because:

  • Ski goggles keep the wind from irritating the eyes, improving someone's field of vision from incoming snow or debris.
  • Ski goggles provide UV protection for eyes, preventing cataract development and shielding the eyes from getting sunburned.
  • Ski goggles with tinted lenses can reduce the glare that comes from the snow, providing people with improved vision in the snow.

Finally, for those who wear corrective lenses, prescription ski goggles inserts are available well. These inserts can be placed directly in the ski goggles, saving people time and money while also improving their vision quickly and efficiently. Do not overlook the importance of ski goggle prescription inserts for those who wear protective lenses. Taking the time to find the right ski goggles is incredibly helpful when people go snowkiting.

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Find the Right Ski Goggles

Anyone who is looking to go snowkiting has to make sure they find the right ski goggles. At Goggles N’ More, we are here to help you do exactly that. We have a wide range of ski goggles that come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. We can help you find the right ski goggles for you. Contact us today to learn more about our ski goggles! 

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