The 5 Most Extreme Winter Sports

The 5 Most Extreme Winter Sports

Posted by Goggles N More on 11th Dec 2020

As the temperature starts to drop outside, there are those adrenaline junkies who love winter and are always trying to up their extreme sports and challenges game. For those looking for an extreme winter vacation or just want to try something new, check out these top extreme winter sports. Here are five examples of extreme winter sports that are worth checking out, even if you just sit in the chalet and watch! When participating in extreme sports, it is imperative to always play safety first by wearing the right protective gear, including ski goggles.

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Many people have not heard of this extreme sport; however, snowkiting is a truly extreme adventure. When someone goes snowkiting, they grab onto a kite with their hands. Then, they launch the kite into the air. The kite is designed as a long, wide, broad structure that catches the wind. Then, the kite drags the skier or snowboarder across the surface using the power of the wind. As technology improves, snowkiting is only becoming more popular. Therefore, anyone looking for an extreme winter sport to try this year should think about snowkiting with a few family members or friends.

Helicopter Skiing

Another extreme winter sport that is incredibly popular is called helicopter skiing. Usually shortened to heli-skiing, many people who love to ski are trying to find something new. The point of helicopter skiing is to allow people to access slopes otherwise not available to traditional skiers. Most ski hills use a chairlift to take people up the ski hill. Heli-skiing goes above where a chairlift can access and enlists the help of a helicopter. The helicopter takes skiers up and then hovers over the intended ski area while the skier jumps out of the helicopter onto the slope. Heli-skiing is an extreme winter sport that carries a significant risk; however, it can be a fun adventure for expert skiers.

Snow Kayaking

For those who are looking for a truly unique adventure, they might want to try snow kayaking. Snow kayaking combines many of the elements of winter sports that have already been discussed. With snow kayaking, people will take a kayak that has been specifically designed for the snow. Then, a sail is deployed by the kayak intended to catch the wind and help you move. The wind is going to drive the rider across the snow. Everyone needs to invest in safety equipment that can protect them against the snow that is spraying up from the surface as they go. Ski goggles are essential to protect your eyes and help ensure you can see where you are going! Check out the prescription ski goggle inserts as well if you need vision correction. They snap into your ski goggles quickly and easily transform your ski goggles into prescription ski goggles.

Ice Diving

Ice diving is incredibly dangerous but also an amazing winter sport. For those who go scuba diving, they may want to try something a bit more extreme. Ice diving is not nearly as easy as it sounds. People who want to dive underneath the surface of the ice have to have the right equipment. Ice diving requires the use of double tanks as well as an emergency crew for safety concerns. Clearly, with all of the precautions people have to take, this is truly extreme.

Big Mountain Skiing

Also called extreme skiing or freeriding, this is one of the few winter sports that involves skiers skiing as fast as possible. Often, people who engage in this sport also try adventurous stunts such as cliff jumping. Of note, big mountain skiing was also made famous by the film “Maltese Flamingo.” Of course, given the speed at which people ski, it is crucial for everyone to train appropriately and wear the proper safety equipment. Those who are trained are sure to get the adrenaline rush they are looking for in this winter sport.

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