The Top Ski Resorts For the 2020/2021 Ski Season in Regards to COVID 19

The Top Ski Resorts For the 2020/2021 Ski Season in Regards to COVID 19

Posted by Goggles N More on 1st Oct 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted just about everyone, including those who like to enjoy the winter weather. For those who are watching the temperatures drop outside they might be planning their annual ski trips at the same time. The good news is that many ski resorts are planning to open for the winter season despite the current COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is important for everyone to think about some of the top resorts out there, how they can enjoy them, and how this might impact their skiing trips.

Aspen Snowmass Ski Resorts

Aspen Snowmass is one of the top ski resorts in the United States and one of the world’s top ski resorts. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this ski resort is planning to open this winter. Aspen Snowmass is a combination of four separate mountains. They include Aspen Mountain, Snowmass Mountain, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk Mountain. Some people might recognize Buttermilk as being the place where the Winter X Games are held.

Aspen Snowmass is planning to open during the winter, but some shifts in how this ski resort operates are expected. New policies will be implemented when it comes to their lifts, Ski Schools, mountain dining operations, rental packages, parking situations, and retail stores. There will also be mandatory space and mask orders both on Aspen Mountain and in the city of Aspen. Those who are looking to enjoy a winter ski trip should make sure they follow the procedures laid out by the resort.

Park City Resort

Another major ski resort in the United States is Park City. Located in Utah, this is a ski resort that is looking forward to reopening this season. Similar to other ski resorts, Park City is going to be shifting how it runs its ski slopes. For example, Park City is not going to be offering walk-up tickets. Anyone who wants to purchase tickets needs to buy them online. Furthermore, there will be shifts in how the ski resort runs its lifts, how the ski resort conducts its ski school, and how the ski resort will handle dining.

Park City is still in the process of fine-tuning their guidelines. This will be one of the most popular locations to go skiing this winter because of the diversity of their slopes. They have consistently had some of the best snow in the country, and they always do a great job taking care of their slopes. Therefore, anyone who's planning a ski resort should consider going to Utah.

Deer Valley Ski Resort

Another mountain that everyone should consider this winter is Deer Valley. Also located in Utah, Deer Valley is still in the process of finalizing its coronavirus regulations. At the very least, Deer Valley will follow all local government ordinances issued, particularly as they pertain to masks and social distancing guidelines. While it is helpful for guests to bring their own masks, Deer Valley should have some available for purchase as well.

Deer Valley is also changing how they handle their ski lifts, ski instruction, and shopping situations. Right now, the Deer Valley website indicates that they are in the process of completing their guidelines, and they will be available on the website in the next few weeks. Snow usually starts to fall in Deer Valley by November, so many people will be eager to head to the ski slopes again!

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