What Do You Do if You Wear Glasses and Play Football?

What Do You Do if You Wear Glasses and Play Football?

Posted by Goggles N More on 11th Oct 2019

Many football-related eye injuries each year can be prevented, expert estimate as high as 90%. High vision risk sports are those that include a ball, stick, racket, bat, or puck. Football is considered a high-risk sport because it involves a ball as well as bodily contact. If you normally wear glasses, it's possible to wear them while you play football but you will want to make some modifications in order to stay safe. Consider  prescription sports glasses for your next big football game with a head strap to allow for a custom fit.

Football sports glasses

Why Wear Prescription Sports Glasses for Football

Football requires a lot of protective wear. This includes a helmet, shoulder pads, padded pants, proper shoes and a mouth-guard. If you wear glasses, you don't want to wear regular glasses on the field but instead wear football sports glasses or plastic lenses. Proper sports eyewear can reduce the risk of injury and also enhance vision to allow players to see better. The best lens to get is made of poly-carbonate, which has built-in ultraviolet protection and is resistant to impact.


You want football sports frames to fit inside the helmet. The frames should also be made of impact-resistant plastic or poly-carbonate. Good football frames should also contain rubber padding where the frames meet with the head and nose. If you are purchasing  football sport glasses for your child, you want to avoid buying frames that are too big in hopes that your child will grow into them. Frames that don't fit won't provide the same protection. If your child has outgrown the football sports glasses frames then they won't provide the same protection and can interfere with peripheral vision, which can increase the risk of injury.

Comfort is Key

Comfort is key in order to enjoy yourself on the field. You want the fit to be right. The football sports glasses frames need to fit under your helmet as well and it can be hard to play if your football glasses are slipping down your nose because you are sweating. There are some sports glasses for football that are designed to fit under helmets so be on the lookout for different shapes that are made for football players. Football sports glasses may need to fit more snugly than your everyday pair in order to accommodate this. An elastic strap can help you create a better fit for your glasses. At Goggles N More, we carry some football sports glasses with an optional strap so you can convert from glasses to goggles.

Lightweight Construction

Choose a light pair. You don't want to be weighted down with heavy football sports glasses, especially since you will be wearing other somewhat bulky protective gear. Choose the lightest lenses and frames that fit appropriately. If you are using prescription eyewear, be sure to get your prescription updated regularly. It's important to see clearly when you are engaged in football and other sporting activities. Get an annual eye exam and have the lenses updated whenever your prescription changes so you can always see your best and play your best on and off the football field.

Impact-Resistant Sports Glasses Lenses for Football

Choose lenses carefully but you may not be able to find other options besides poly-carbonate. This is an impact-resistant material that works well to protect the eyes. If the lenses are untreated then they can be scratched. However, most poly-carbonate lenses designed for sports include a scratch-resistant coating on both the back and front surface in order to increase the durability. The frames should be constructed of the plastic or poly-carbonate.

Overall, you want to choose a pair of prescription sports glasses for football that suits your specific needs. More than likely, you're going to need sports glasses that are comfortable, help you see better, and are impact resistant for extra protection. Then, you can score that game-winning touchdown finally!

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