What is the Difference Between Sports Goggles and Sports Glasses?

What is the Difference Between Sports Goggles and Sports Glasses?

Posted by Goggles N More on 20th Aug 2021

While engaging in your favorite sports and activities is always fun, it is still important to remember to think about protective eyewear. Each year, both adult and junior athletes eyes are injured by debris and fast-moving objects while playing their sport, including eye injuries ranging from short-term pain to long-term vision effects.

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Avoid Eye Injury with Sports Goggles or Sports Glasses

The good news? You can prevent most of this from happening to you or your child with special eyewear designed for sports use. But how do you know which prescription sports glasses or sports goggles option to pick? The choice is a lot easier than you might think. Here’s what you need to know about the difference between sports goggles and sports glasses.

Differences Between Sports Goggles and Sports Glasses?

When it comes to the basic job of sports goggles and sports glasses, they both do the same thing in that they help you see better while performing your favorite activities. And they’re both made of durable materials that make it easier to stand up to movement and other conditions involved with being active.

However, the shape and fit of the two designs are entirely different. Sports goggles are intended to protect the eyes from fast-moving objects, dust, debris, water, and more. In contrast, sports glasses are a bit looser and are designed for events that don’t include the potential of the elements we just described, but there’s still a need for better vision.

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What Are Sports Goggles?

Sports goggles are a specific type of eyewear designed for protecting the eyes during specific activities. They generally fit close to the face with either a strap or band, but they can also be worn as part of a helmet or face mask.

What Are Sports Glasses?

Sports glasses are similar to sports goggles in that they sit close to the face, but they have more of a traditional spectacles style to them. They can also be made into sunglasses or transition lenses to help protect against damaging UV-rays and reduce overall glare for better vision.

Both sports goggles and sports glasses are made from durable materials with polycarbonate lenses designed to specifically hold up to impacts and debris. And they both can be created with either regular or prescription lenses depending on your vision needs.

Which One Should You Wear?

The most common reason why someone would prefer sports glasses over sports goggles is comfort. Some adults just prefer a tighter fit, which is why they opt for goggles. With children, goggles are often easier to keep on their faces when moving around since most have a sturdy strap on the back that is adjustable.

The second reason? The activity they’re going to be involved in. Some sports have specific guidelines that dictate whether you must wear glasses or goggles. For example, skiing and swimming usually need the advanced protection of specific sports goggles like our prescription swim goggles and our ski goggles, where someone golfing could get away with simple sports glasses or sunglasses.

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Should Kids Wear Them?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what parents have to say when it comes to protecting their child’s vision during favorite activities, like swimming and sports.

Most parents agree that the activity itself is generally what determines whether you need sports goggles or glasses. Goggles are often better for highly physical activities like high-impact sports which include soccer, football, baseball, etc. Likewise, sports glasses are generally sufficient for other activities such as golf fishing bicycling, and similar everyday hobbies.

Which Type Should Your Kid Wear?

Selecting the right one for your child’s needs is often dependent on their vision correction needs and the requirements of their sport. Some coaches and leagues also prefer one option over another, so finding out the exact rules for your situation before buying a pair is important.

Alternate Between Sports Glasses & Sports Goggles if Necessary

One last note, some parents choose to get one of each for kids who play multiple sports and lead a more rambunctious or active lifestyle. There are pros to each, but many times kids will alternate between them depending on their activity level. These also work great for school and day to day life for kids who prefer a sportier look or have trouble leaving their glasses on while in school or unsupervised.

Shop the Best Sports Glasses and Sports Goggles

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