Sport Sunglasses

With new technology sprouting up to keep people increasingly active, bad eyesight should be the last thing keeping you from playing sports. We have a variety of sports sunglasses that fit snugly around your head, providing comfort and style along with functionality. The wrap around design not only help keep wind and sand from getting in around the sides, they could also enhance peripheral vision, depth perception and is likely to reduce your reaction time if you require prescription lenses.

Sports sunglasses are made with impact resistant polycarbonate or nylon frames and often come with sets of interchangeable color lenses. Each style and color of lens is specifically designed to enhance the athlete’s performance.

Mirror coated: Used when you are in very bright conditions, the mirror coating cuts down sunlight light by around ten percent, which is ideal for use in conjunction with color tinted lenses. These are especially popular among skiers and winter-sport enthusiasts to avoid the blinding glare reflected off the white powder.

Polarized: With a special filter to block light that is reflected primarily off flat surfaces, polarized lenses decrease glare and enhance the contrast between water, snow and other surfaces. This is ideal for winter-sports, water-sports as well as fishing. For the athlete this ability to reduce glare can mean the difference between a point lost and a point scored.

Yellow/Amber-tinted: These specialized lenses are particularly good for use in overcast, low light or hard, flat light (e.g. indoor pool lights) conditions because athletes can better discern changes in landscape due to sharper focus resulting from blue light being filtered. This ability to enhance contrast can provide major advantages during both outdoor and indoor events.

Safety is always paramount when picking out the right frames for the sports enthusiast or athlete. Our convertible sports sunglasses keep you in the clear with removable eye cups that protect your eyes from dust and wind. Vented sides help stop your glasses from fogging up, and special comfort additions such as temple tips and nose pads ensure that your sports sunglasses don't slip off during increased exertion.

Your sports sunglasses can be made to match practically most prescriptions. Our experienced Opticians are available to discuss with you any particular frame or lens limitations based on your requirements to help you pick the right glasses for you . All styles offer 100 percent UV protection with made-to-order prescription lenses available on most. Don't let your vision or uncooperative weather conditions keep you from being a part of the game. Give us a call today to see how we can help enhance your athletic performance with quality, custom-made sports sunglasses.