6 Myths About Prescription Sunglasses

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Myths About Prescription Sunglasses

Today, prescription sunglasses are becoming an iconic emblem of attitude and style. However, wearing prescription sunglasses is beyond a fashion statement, there are serious health reasons for buying sunglasses (with or without prescription). There are a few myths the Goggles N More team wanted to debunk and here are the top six.

Myth #1: Darker prescription sunglasses are better

Most people believe that the darker your sunglasses, the better protected you are. This is one of the most enduring myths surrounding sunglasses in general. Even though darker glasses make it appear like there is less sunlight hitting your eyes, your eyes are definitely bombarded by invisible UV rays. Tints have nothing to do with UV protection, they only reduce glare. UV lens coating provides that protection.

Myth #2: Prescription sunglasses are just for looks

Although sunglasses add an element of unique style to your appearance, they also help decrease the risk of vision damage and/or other complications. Whether you purchase sunglasses with prescription or no prescription at all, you are protecting yourself from harmful overexposure to UV light.

Myth #3: Prescription sunglasses with maximum UV protection are expensive

UV protection should always be included with your sunglasses. Where prices may vary are in style or frame design. Protecting your vision should never break the bank. That’s why Goggles N More ensures to offer affordable prices for all made-to-order custom sunglasses

Myth #4: You can’t get polarized prescription sunglasses

This is just a big fat lie. Yes, you can order your favorite pair of sunglasses with your unique polarized, prescription lenses.  These are great for keeping away the sun's glare reflected off snow or water surfaces; allowing one to see into the water when fishing, for example.

Myth #5: kids do not need prescription sunglasses

Kids often spend the better part of their time in the sun more than adults. This means that they are more prone to eye damage. It’s important to get your children’s vision tested and invest in the proper prescription sunglasses for them.

Myth #6: You can’t play sports if you have prescription glasses

Have you heard of sports sunglasses? Goggles n More can customize a pair of sports sunglasses with your prescription. If you don’t like sports glasses just browse the different prescription sports framed sunglasses we offer!

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