The Top 5 Activities for Wearing Sports Glasses

The Top 5 Activities for Wearing Sports Glasses

Posted by Goggles N More on 14th Sep 2023

As most people already know, some sports and activities can be high impact for our kids. Injuries happen from time to time, but what if we could prevent an important injury from happening? Eye injuries can happen during a number of sports like baseball, golf, basketball, and so on, so it's essential to wear protective eyewear such as sports glasses to ensure your eyes are safe during practice or a game. Enhance your skills and play with confidence with prescription or non-prescription sports glasses.

Stay Active & See Clearly: 5 Activities That Make Sports Glasses Beneficial to You

If your child already wears prescription glasses or contact lenses, they're already benefiting from a pair of sports glasses or goggles. They come in a variety of colors and styles with protective frames and lenses to ensure eyes are protected from potential damage. Let's go over the top 5 sports and activities that would be ideal for sports glasses:


Baseball season has just begun for the big leagues and youth baseball is getting started across the country from T-ball to high school leagues. Baseball gear is always changing from season to season from cleats to gloves and baseball bats. But what about kids who wear glasses? Prescription sports glasses or sports goggles are also ever evolving, so how do you know which ones are the right ones for you? Read more on the Best Sports Goggles for Baseball.

Sports Goggles & Sports Glasses for Baseball


If you wear glasses and are playing a sport, it may make sense to invest in sports glasses. Many sports glasses can be customized so that they are designed using your eye prescription, while also being designed to work well for the sport you are playing. If you love pickleball, or are considering taking this sport up, you may be looking for the best sports glasses for the sport. Eye protection is vital for pickleball as much as it is for ice hockey or field hockey. Read on to learn more about pickleball and the importance of wearing the right eyewear for this sport. Read our blog on the Best Sports Glasses for Pickleball.

Sports Glasses for Pickleball


Racquetball can be an intense activity whether you’re playing for fun or competitively in sports. As a considerably high-impact sport, it comes with the potential to injure yourself or others easily since the ball requires quick reaction. That’s why wearing protective eyewear is essential to avoid serious damage. The best solution? Wear high-impact resistant sports glasses or sports goggles by a top-quality retailer such as Goggles N More. Learn more about the Best Sports Goggles for Racquetball.

Sports Goggles for Raquetball


Softball is a fast-paced and exciting sport that requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. But just like any other sport, it can also be dangerous if players don't have the right protective gear. Sports glasses or Sports goggles for softball are an essential piece of equipment for any player, and they can provide a number of benefits both on and off the field. Learn more about Why Wear Sports Goggles for Softball in our blog.

Sports Goggles for Softball


Fast-moving rubber balls and a four-wall enclosure mean that you are bound to be hit in the face when playing squash. While this sport is fun, super-competitive, and great for your physical health, you need to protect your eyes in case that hollowed-out rubber ball comes directly for your face. Whether you need you're a youth in lots of sports or you're an active person, there are a few sports glasses you can wear when playing squash that is comfortable and will keep your eyes protected from potential damage. Read up on the Best Sports Glasses for Squash.

Sports Glasses for Squash

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Basically, if you play any sport that requires some impact or involves a ball that could potentially injure your eyes then sports glasses or sports goggles is the answer. At Goggles N More, we offer customized prescription sports glasses for your entire family. No matter how strong the prescription we've got you covered.

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