Rec Specs | Liberty Sport

Rec Specs by Liberty Sport have been synonymous with Rx-able sports glasses and goggles for children and adults alike since 1929. A US owned and operated company, Liberty Sport is recognized worldwide as the leader in not only protective sports eyewear but at the forefront of preventing sports related eye injuries, with their products prescribed to a growing list of over 18,000 individual eyewear professionals.

The majority of Rec Specs products meet or exceed the stringent conditions required to meet ASTM FM803 for various sports, which include baseball, basketball, handball, lacrosse, racquetball, squash; a testament to their commitment to safety and quality.

With nearly 40,000 cases of eye injuries reported by The National Society to Prevent Blindness as sports related eye injuries, many of them involved being school-aged sports participants, it pays to put on a pair of protective sports goggles in order to protect your eyesight or that of your child in order to safeguard one of the greatest yet irreplaceable assets we are born with.

Liberty Sport also produces a stylish and functional range of Rx-able sunglasses, which are also available here at GogglesNMore.